"dedicated in helping each dancer reach their full potential in and out of the dance studio"

What to Expect


Arriving at the studio

I have renovated my basement into my dream studio. It is separate from the rest of the living space and has its own entrance located on the side of the garage. It is a 500 square foot space fully equipped with quality flooring, mirrors, barres, and equipment for tricks, turns, and strengthening.

When you arrive at the studio you may park on the street on either side (please do not park in the driveway). You are more than welcome to drop off and pick up your dancer using the driveway. When you walk up the driveway please enter the garage using the door on the far right side of the garage (aroung the side of the garage). Come on in the side door and walk down the stairs in the garage leading to the studio. I ask that everyone please remove their shoes before walking on the dance floor. The dancers can get ready for dance class using the entry area. If you want to stay until your dancer is done with class there is a waiting area across from the studio. Please come prepared and ready for dance.

The dancers will start their class with a little stretch on their own that is normally against the wall or on the floor. We will then start class with barre if it is a ballet class or a warm up for the other classes. We will then stretch altogether on the floor. After the stretching we will do jumps, leaps, and turns across the floor. Depending on the class we will work on skills or tricks after. After we will work on any choreography we have or short combos. The last few minutes of class the student will participate in "free dance" which is improv, when the dancers can have fun dancing to music! Water breaks can be taken as needed but I will dismiss the class to take water breaks as I see needed. (no water fountain is at the studio so please come prepared with a water bottle.)

I hope this helps and I am excited to see you at the studio!

A bathroom is located in the studio area as well.

No street shoes allowed in studio area please.


The 2018 -2019 enrollment will run from September 16th, 2018 through May 18th, 2019. Enrollment is 30 weeks and tuition is divided into 30 weeks and billed monthly, it is not a monthly fee.

I will accept new students to enroll in class until January 1st, 2019.

Scheduled breaks off will be December 23rd - January 5th, March 17th - 23rd, and April 18th - 24th. This follows the Chippewa Falls School District Schedule. If CFSD does not have school for any reason, dance will not be held as well. Make up classes will be available.

The Recital

The beginning of January I will start ordering costumes for the end of the year recital. The recital is not 100% mandatory but the dancers will be working on their dances after the new year and will be a focus in class to get them ready for the recital. The recital is still TBD but I am looking at the weekend of the 18th of May. 

Each Ballet/Tap, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Adult class will have a costume. Me and My Little Dancer will be in the recital but will not need a costume ordered. Ballet/Tap classes will have a 2 in 1 costume ordered so it will only be one costume ordered. Creative Dance students will not have a costume but will participate in the recital. The costumes for each class will cost anywhere between $25 (hip hop) and $70. The costumes will be ordered from different performance costume companies and will arrive a few months after ordered. Please be prepared to pay for the costume before being able to take it home. 

Extra Events

During the dance season students may participate in parades, nursing home performances, or community events. These are optional and will be free of cost to your student. (observer fees may occur for community events)